On-Premises information system support is necessary for companies that function according to a different model designed for their environment that demands amplified security policies.

Today’s organizations are faced with the challenges of a potential data breach, especially if the particular business is offering financial, military, or health care services. We offer support, On-Premises and SaaS and Cloud Solutions, enterprise support which includes help-desk support, technical support, troubleshooting, security, and network solutions.

If your business has a footprint between on-premises and the cloud popular called a hybrid environment we offer support solutions including Microsoft’s Azure and Azure AD Connect a best practice for managing on-premises and cloud infrastructure.

End-to-end computing could never be any easier. Contact us to set up a meeting with one of our account representatives to see which best solution is available for your organization.

On-Premises Support

On-premises infrastructure support can be demanding from the lower of the people in the organization to the CEO as a result of this tendency it is recommended to have onsite technical support to upgrade legacy applications that support older operating systems or web browsers. There is underlining risk when your technology becomes out-of-date and unsupported IT professionals will take on the challenge of ensuring the organization is not missing out on any potential benefits from newer technologies and functionality.

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Our IT technical professionals are equipped with the latest tools to support all your On-premises infrastructure that includes IT managed services, Outsourcing, IT Consultation, Asset Management, and security. Please contact Skafos Consulting with all your questions and inquiries which you may not find in your Internet search.