Organizational changes are recurrent in technologies and infrastructure. These changes require specialty and people with specialize skills to ensure things remain as they were in their previous fashion. One of the ways of achieving such objective is employing the process known as migration which various principles in the field of information technology (IT)

Data migration is available to strategically process the relocation of enterprise data. transfer of making a copy of data and moving it from one device or system to another, preferably without disrupting or disabling active business processing


Companies using cloud are hoping that they can focus their staff on business priorities, fuel top-line growth, increase agility, reduce capital expenses, and pay for only what they need on demand. However, the type of migration undertaken will determine how much IT staff time can be freed to work on other projects. Microsoft Azure is an excellent site migration tools, which have the potential to migrate an entire infrastructure and all web applications are supported. Microsoft Azure offers the best choices in enterprise management, security, and agility for businesses.


G Suite Migration is available for customers planning to move to an Exchange environment or move from an Exchange environment. We manage your migration process including, provisioning, data assurance, and offer backup for email accounts and PST files. Migrating to the cloud could never be easier when you have a reputable company to handle the pain. IT Consulting services offered by Skafos Consulting LLC includes business continuity planning, advisory services that includes IT initiatives, architectural, operational and implementation design for companies. We believe in service and we put people first. You can connect with us through email, phone or chat, your business is important.