Cloud Recovery

Eradicating traditional approaches to off-site disaster recovery. Virtual disaster recovery offers a variety of advantages for small to mid-size businesses including affordable rates, limitless storage capacity, and flexibility of the cloud. Uninterrupted monitoring of storage for data availability. We offer Cloud disaster recovery service that is associated with remote machines on a cloud-based platform. These Cloud disaster recovery services are designated systems to bring assurance to the infrastructure.

The need for Disaster Recovery is ever-increasing the most common scenario (more common than a single DC hardware failure) is the accidental deletion of objects, computer accounts, users, or Organizational Units (OU) within the AD.

Digital Recovery

Business, Personal, and Residential file storage failure. We specialize in recovering electronic media, corrupted drives, damaged from virus and malware, accidental data loss, deleted files, documents, photos, videos, music, audio, and sensitive email correspondence. Skafos Consultancy experts will recover all your data and restore for a new partition. Mobile Data Recovery, adversary effects of power failures, water damaged device, lock device, inaccessible music, videos, photos, and other documents we can recover them in a heartbeat.

Physical Drives

Physical disk drive failure occurs when a hard disk drive malfunctions and the stored information cannot be accessed through normal computer programs. Commonly causes are natural disasters, lightning, flood, fire and other unforeseen circumstances, and the intentional or unintentional destruction of information, caused by people, processes from within or outside of an organization. Data recovery services are available to help bring that lost information back from the malfunctioned device. Using advanced technology, we retrieve data from broken or non-functioning devices to its original condition.