The rate of deceleration in today’s server and application architecture is enormous and demands quick action. Hypervisors has been identified as one rote to accelerate resource allocation, partition management, processor dispatching, and virtual memory management which overtime will become an architecture solution. The job of the hypervisor is to efficiently dole out access to the server’s physical resources to the multiple guests.

Hypervisors can be designed to be tightly coupled with operating systems or can be agnostic to operating systems. The latter approach provides customers with the capability to implement an OS-neutral management paradigm, thereby providing further rationalization of the data center. Application-level partitioning is another approach, whereby many applications share a single operating system, but this offers less isolation (and higher risk) than hardware or software partitioning, and limited support for legacy applications or heterogeneous environments. However, various partitioning techniques can be combined, albeit with increased complexity.

Virtualization is an approach to pooling and sharing technology resources to simplify management and increase asset use so that IT resources can more readily meet business demand. With servers or networks, virtualization is used to take a single physical asset and make it operate as if it were multiple assets. This improves asset utilization and efficiency and decreases costs by reducing the need for physical assets. With storage or networks, virtualization is an abstracted view of underlying physical devices. This allows multiple physical assets to be combined and presented to servers and applications as if they were a single, larger asset. This dramatically simplifies server and application architecture and reduces costs. And with desktops, virtualization is used to centralize management of data and applications.

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