The Empowered Edge. Edge computing will become a dominant factor across virtually all industries and use cases as the edge becomes empowered with more sophisticated and specialized compute resources and more data storage. The goal of edge computing is to keep the traffic and processing local in order to reduce latency, exploit the capabilities of the edge and enabler greater autonomy at the edge. The focus on the edge currently stems from the need for Internet of Things (IoT) systems to deliver disconnected or distributed capabilities into the embedded IoT world.

Over time, the edge will create an unstructured architecture consisting of a wide range of “things” and services connected in a flexible mesh linked by a set of distributed cloud services. In the future, a smart “thing” such as a drone, might communicate with an enterprise IoT platform or city-level local cloud services then conduct peer-to-peer exchanges with nearby drones for navigational purposes.

Blockchain enables participants in a network to trace assets back to their origin that not only benefits traditional assets but paves the way for uses such as tracing food-borne illness back to the original supplier. Blockchain allows multiple partners who don’t know each other to safely interact in a digital environment and exchange value without the need for a centralized authority.

Blockchain still remains immature for enterprise deployments due to a variety of technical issues such as poor scalability and interoperability. However, blockchain has the potential to reshape entire industries by enabling trust, providing transparency, and enabling value exchange across business ecosystems – potentially lowering costs, reducing transaction times, and improving cash flow. Some of the biggest use cases including asset tracking, automated claims processing, internal and shared record-keeping, as well as smart cities and IoT.


admin September 11, 2020

Why Empowered Edge Is a Top 10 Trend?
Expect robust hardware and software capabilities integrated into edge devices, with cloud models extending to gateways, servers and edge devices, and 5G supporting communication to and from the edge. Enterprise architecture and technology innovation leaders must manage these increasing complexities.

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